Sri Bheeshma Stuti

Sri Bheeshma Stuti
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Telugu  Talks-20 (mp3 Audio - This is a downloadable product only)

Sri Bheeshma Stuti occurs in the 9th chapter of the 1st Canto of Srimadhagavatam. In this episode, the Grand Sire Sri Bheeshmacharya expresses His devotion towards Lord Sri Krishna in the midst of a raging Kurukshetra war.

Pujya Acharya delivered discourses on this glorious hymn at Bheemavaram in January 2014.

Some of the important aspects in these discourses are:

 #What is Sadvicharanam? #Saadhya Bhakti vs. Sadhana Bhakti #Levels of Qualification of a Sadhaka#Significance of Stutis in Bhagavata #Three aspects of a Pious Life #Ekaanta Bhakti #Importance of Daanam #Aspects of Sakama Bhakti #The Three Eyes #Karma to Karma Yoga #Erasing Ego#Advaita Bhakti... 

These discourses will delight the Bhagavata Bhaktas.

Highly Recommended for Everyone. 

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