Sri Guru Upasadanam

Sri Guru Upasadanam
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Telugu  Talks-6  (mp3 Audio - This is a downloadable product only)

"Become a student of your life before you become a student of Vedanta." 

- Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharthi ji
(Sri Guru Upasadanam talks 2017)

Pujya Acharya Swamiji delivered these discourses in commemoration of Guru Pourima 2017 at Vyakhya - the center for Vedanta Studies at Hyderabad.

In these 6 discourses, based on a Mundaka Upanishad mantra, the Spiritual Journey that the Sadhaka needs to embark upon before he takes refuge in the Guru is explained.

Some of the highlights of this series are:

#3-stages of Spiritual Growth #What is Living Intelligently? #Who is a true Brahmana?#3- personalities #Karma Yoga to activate Learning Mode #Karma Yoga and Maturity #How to learn from Life? #3 major misconceptions about the World #Forms and Functions of Viveka and Vairagya #Intelligent Seeking #Why do we require a Guru? #How do I recognize a qualified Guru?...

Highly recommended for the beginners & seekers of Upanishads and Vedanta.

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