Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Adi & Sabha Parvamulu

Panchama Vedam Mahabharatam - Adi & Sabha Parvamulu
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Telugu  Talks-45  mp3 audio:

Also Known as 'Panchama Veda', Sri Mahabharata of Sage Vyasa is the most celebrated scripture of Hindu Dharma. This magnum opus of 1,00,000 verses is an exhaustive study and presention of the Dharma shastra, its intricacies, the pathos & ethos of human psyche and how destiny is intricately linked to the above. Sri Mahabharata's self proclamation - "Yannehasti na tadkvachit" meaning "What is not here is Nowhere else" is no exaggeration.

In these 45 discourses, Pujya Acharya Sri Prem Siddharth ji has unfolded the most discreet and crucial teachings from the first two Parvams(Adi & Sabha) of this epic in its unceasing relevance to our lives that is the need of the hour. An in-depth Introduction was followed by a thorough Analysis of the significant characters and crucial situations. These discourses will certainly be an oppurtunity to learn from and witness the glory of Sri Mahabharatam.

Highly recommended for every seeker.

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